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HSANV Meetings & Office Update:

There are no meetings for HSANV in July. Due to Covid-19, no face to face/in person meetings are expected to be scheduled in the near future.

HSANV staff continue to telecommute most days. NVRC/NVTA offices, where HSANV is located, are open on a limited basis.

Covid-19: Data Charts


Bed Waiver: Governor Northam issues executive order giving hospitals and nursing homes the ability to increase their bed capacity without needing prior governmental approval, being issued a new waiver, or going through red tape. (Executive Order)

Virginia Bed Waiver Requests

(Order 52)

Governor Northam Declares State of Emergency (Additionl Measures to Combat COVID-19)

Update: Governor Northam lifts ban on elective surgeries as of May 1st, 2020. Governor Northam Directs Postponement of Elective Surgeries.

2018 Inpatient Use Profiles

Facility and patient profiles for Northern Virginia’s inpatient acute care hospitals and residents (by county/city of residence) are now available. Facility here and County Resident here

Leading Causes of Death

Leading Causes of Death with tables by PD/County/Independent City for Virginia residents (Excel file)


Reminder: We Moved

The Health Systems Agency of NVA moved to:
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Fairfax, Virginia 22031  More . . .

 Virginia Health Information (VHI)

 Virginia’s Certificate of Need Program [State Dept. Of Health]

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 Virginia General Assembly

 Virginia Legislature Information System

Facility Profiles:

Hospital inpatient utilization profiles for all  Virginia acute care hospitals:

County Profiles:

Inpatient acute care patient use profiles for all Virginia residents by county of residence:

 Summary Demographics Table for NVA Counties

 Trend Charts Virginia Health Planning Regions:

On the Site

Virginia Historic Population (US Census)

 Total population by Health Planning Regions, Planning Districts and Counties/Independent Cities

Vital Statistics Summary Table for NVA Jurisdictions

More . . .

Map of Virginia’s Health Planning Regions

& Planning Districts

 Information Sources on Covid-19

Virginia Executive Order 52 Bed Requests

General Federal, State and Local Information:

Guides & Resources for Reopening Workspaces:

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July 2020

No meetings are schdueled for July.

August/September 2020

To be announced.

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