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Due to Covid-19, no face to face/in person meetings are expected to be scheduled in the near future.  HSANV staff continue to telecommute most days. NVRC/NVTA offices, where HSANV is located, are open on a limited basis.

Certificate of Need Updates
Senate Bill 764 (pdf)

COPN Application Batching Schedule (excel)

Covid-19: Data Charts


Reminder: We Moved

The Health Systems Agency of NVA moved to:
3040 Williams Drive, Suite 200
Fairfax, Virginia 22031
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Bed Waiver: Governor Northam issues executive order giving hospitals and nursing homes the ability to increase their bed capacity without needing prior governmental approval, being issued a new waiver, or going through red tape. (Executive Order)

Virginia Bed Waiver Requests(Order 52)

Governor Northam Declares State of Emergency (Additionl Measures to Combat COVID-19)

2018 Inpatient Use Profiles

Facility and patient profiles for Northern Virginia’s inpatient acute care hospitals and residents (by county/city of residence) are now available. Facility here and County Resident here

Leading Causes of Death

Leading Causes of Death with tables by PD/County/Independent City for Virginia residents (Excel file)


 Virginia Health Information (VHI)

 Virginia’s Certificate of Need Program [State Dept. Of Health]

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 Virginia General Assembly

 Virginia Legislature Information System

Facility Profiles:

Hospital inpatient utilization profiles for all  Virginia acute care hospitals:

County Profiles:

Inpatient acute care patient use profiles for all Virginia residents by county of residence:

 Summary Demographics Table for NVA Counties

 Trend Charts Virginia Health Planning Regions:

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Virginia Historic Population (US Census)

 Total population by Health Planning Regions, Planning Districts and Counties/Independent Cities

Vital Statistics Summary Table for NVA Jurisdictions

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Map of Virginia’s Health Planning Regions

& Planning Districts

 Information Sources on Covid-19

Virginia Executive Order 52 Bed Requests

General Federal, State and Local Information:

Guides & Resources for Reopening Workspaces:

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Upcoming Meetings

HSANV Board Education Session
Conference Call

October 12, 2020

7:30 P.M.

Members of the public may listen to the October 12, 2020 meeting:
Call in Number: 866-316-1519

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